Wednesday, October 19, 2011

So, ya say you want a revolution?

The elementary PE department recently received a grant from the Fairfield Education Foundation.  This grant is for roughly 2,200 dollars.  The grant money will be used for a Wii Group fitness package.  The major equipment and technology being ordered includes a Wii console, Wii Sport Game, Wii Sport Resort Game, Dance Dance Revolution the Hottest Party Game, 4 DDR "Energy" Metal Dance Pads for Wii, 8 DDR "Non-slip" Training Pads, 5 "Tough" Training Pads, 12 digital pedometers.  All of this equipment can be used with a video projector and Bose sound dock purchased from the 2007 PEP Grant.  With the new equipment, entire classes will be actively engaged in the video games being used.  Exer-gaming is popular in homes throughout our country and becoming more and more popular in the school setting.  The order has been placed and the equipment should be arriving in early November.  We are thankful for all the Education Foundation does for the students of our district and can't wait to put our new equipment to use.

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