Monday, March 21, 2011

Fourth Grade Swimming

After Spring Break the 4th graders will start a swimming unit at the Roosevelt Aquatic Center during their P.E. class.  Christy Leazer will be the instructor and I will be on hand for supervision.  All the kids need bring to school on their P.E. day is a swimsuit.  They are welcome to bring a hair brush or other hair supplies, but please keep the extras to a minimum.  The school will provide towels for the students to use when they are done swimming.  I would suggest your child bring their suit in a plastic bag so they have a place to put their wet suit when they are done.  This is a wonderful opportunity for the kids, no matter how many swimming lessons they have had in the past.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Wii Famous!

This photo was on the front page of Wednesday's Fairfield Ledger.  Photo by Jeff Wilson.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

More Just Dance

Here is a video of second graders at Pence doing Just Dance today during their P.E.

Just Dance!

This week we are dancing during P.E.  The kids are following along and playing the Wii game Just Dance and Just Dance 2.  The kids are having a blast and getting a good workout too. Here are some pictures I took at Washington on Tuesday. I hope to have a video on soon.

Just Dance on PhotoPeach

Thursday, March 3, 2011

It Takes Heart to Be a Hero

Jump Rope for Heart is off and kicking. Third, fourth and fifth grade students have been given their packets and are out collecting donations.  Each year we participate in this fundraiser for the American Heart Association, and turn over a nice collection of money. Each class will jump rope during their last two PE classes before spring break.  All donations need to be turned in to me or the school office by their last jump day. For my students at Washington this is March 18.  For my students at Pence this is March 17.  On the two days we jump rope during class time the students are allowed to bring in music to play while we jump. Please bring in CDs rather than ipods or mp3 players, and please make sure the music lyrics are all acceptable for school.

I have included a promotional video that helps explain the event. NOTE: The prizes shown at the end are from last year.