Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Getting Our Feet Off the Ground

For two weeks the students at Pence Elementary have been getting up
off the ground during Physical Education classes. The Luarentian
equipment, a special indoor jungle gym purchased with the PEP Grant,
has been set up and is being put to good use. The wooden structure is
very gymnastic in nature. The students get a chance to use rings,
balance beams, parallel bars, low bars, monkey bars, incline ramps,
and ladders. Most of their movements are taking place with their feet
off the ground something they don't get to do in everyday P.E.
Students also get the chance to do some tumbling on the wedge and
trapezoid, and use a springboard. The equipment was purchased with the
PEP Grant, and the Laurentian is shared with Pekin Community Schools.
All the mats and equipment provide the students with some very unique
opportunities to move.

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